Energy & Fatigue Support

Professional Fatigue Support Clinic in Vancouver WA

Energy & Fatigue Support

When a patient is fatigued, their quality of life suffers. Fatigue is one of the most common complaints from patients today. As a Functional Medicine Clinic, we may treat three patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in three different ways. This occurs because fatigue is a symptom, not the cause of an illness. Identifying the underlying cause or causes of fatigue is a critical part of patient care. From there, we can design individualized treatment plans that address the root cause(s) and support the underlying energetic needs of cells, improving patient’s quality of life.

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The foods we eat fuel our bodies, and the nutrients we consume each day act as our body’s source of raw materials. A shortage of any nutrient can shut down the “assembly lines” that make what we need to function. Functional nutrition looks at the foundational ways that food affects the body at the cellular level. We believe food is not only medicine, but also information and connection. Each person’s body has unique needs called bio-individuality. Functional Medicine Nutrition goes beyond eating plans and menus as we help you evaluate metabolism, nutrient levels, and how well your digestion is working so you can take bio-individual actions to maximize your health.

Blood Work

ZRT is a leader in innovative and meaningful hormone and wellness testing and has several tests and specialty kits that we use to help give us data to make the best treatment recommendations.

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