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What is Health Coaching

Your Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach provides a unique combination of wellness expertise, nurturing support, goal setting, and accountability to help you make and sustain real lifestyle changes – no matter how big, small, or difficult those changes are. Functional Medicine Certified  Health Coaches have extensive training as part of their year-long program. They learn much of what Functional Medicine Providers learn which allows them to partner with providers to give the patient the best possible care.

Your Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach will work with you to evaluate your current state of wellness and see where you would like to make improvements that will enhance how you experience your life. Health Coaching will help you reimagine your lifestyle and restore, regenerate, and revitalize your health one step at a time. We will discuss wellness goals and prioritize to make holistic improvements related to nutrition and hydration, exercise and movement, sleep, stress, relationships, and the environment. Find out the root cause of your health concerns with this patient centered approach.


HeartMath technology is an innovative approach to improving emotional well being using a form of Biofeedback which focuses on heart wave variability and coherence. The goal of HeartMath Biofeedback is to teach you how to bring your brain, mind, body, and emotions into balanced alignment. This balanced state is called coherence. Among the many benefits of coherence are increased emotional self-control, increased resilience to the effects of stress, calmer and clearer thinking, and overall relaxation.


The foods we eat fuel our bodies, and the nutrients we consume each day act as our body’s source of raw materials. A shortage of any nutrient can shut down the “assembly lines” that make what we need to function. Functional nutrition looks at the foundational ways that food affects the body at the cellular level. We believe food is not only medicine, but also information and connection. Each person’s body has unique needs called bio-individuality. Functional Medicine Nutrition goes beyond eating plans and menus as we help you evaluate metabolism, nutrient levels, and how well your digestion is working so you can take bio-individual actions to maximize your health.

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