NW Functional Medicine Now Offers Virtual Appointments

Video and/or phone appointments in the healthcare field, otherwise known as telehealth, have become more available to healthcare providers in order to meet a patient’s needs. With improved technology, providers now have new ways to efficiently and effectively care for their patient’s health and NW Functional Medicine is now offering this service. Some of the advantages and services we offer include:

Care With Convenience

We all understand the busyness of today’s lifestyle and that includes making the appointments on your schedule. For some, this can be a stressful time as they are taking off work, in need of childcare, or unable to drive themselves. Having the option to meet with your provider in the comfort of your own home or through your smartphone can ease the stress of getting to an appointment while still receiving the best care. It’s an option that provides care with convenience even for those who may feel they are not tech savvy. NW Functional Medicine offers virtual appointments for both Oregon and Washington residents who find telemedicine to be a better fit for their schedules. 

Speak To A Health Coach

If you have concerns about your overall health a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach can help. No matter what the concern is a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach can provide expertise in the areas of wellness, goal setting, accountability, and nurturing support so you can make lifestyle changes that will stick with you! By discussing your wellness goals they can help you to discover the root of your health issues and create a plan with you to improve areas of your health that are related to nutrition, exercise, sleep, relationships, and so much more. 

Understanding Fatigue And Getting Support

Feeling tired all the time and wanting to sleep more than usual is a sign that you may have fatigue. Fatigue is one of the first warning signs that something is off in your body. Some fatigue symptoms could be lack of energy, muscle weakness or muscle pain, anxiety and depression, chronic headaches, brain fog, and even digestion issues. The most important thing when it comes to fatigue is finding out the root of any chronic symptoms. Since fatigue has many underlying causes you’ll want to meet with a Functional Medicine provider so they can discover the root of your fatigue and put together an individualized treatment that supports your health needs. 

Discuss Your Gut Health With A Provider

Your gut health is vital to your overall health. Gut issues have been linked to a number of conditions such as skin issues, weight loss, autoimmune disease, mental health, chronic pain, and much more. Functional Medicine helps to identify what is disrupting the gut and offer solutions to help heal and restore it. Patients will not only learn about their current gut health but will be able to leave with a greater knowledge of how they can maintain good gut health. Discussing your gut health concerns with a Functional Medicine Provider through a virtual appointment is a great start to getting the care you need. 

NW Functional Medicine now offers virtual appointments to patients making it more convenient than ever to meet with your provider. There’s no longer a need to worry about whether you’ll make your appointment! Call NW Functional Medicine today to see how virtual appointments can work for you. 


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