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Stress Management

Stress is recognized as a key contributor in the development of poor health and chronic degenerative disease. We live in an increasingly demanding world where we are exposed to elevated levels of stress daily. Some causes of emotional stress cannot be avoided, although we can work on how we respond to the stress we are exposed to. At Functional Medicine Partners, effective and specific stress management, natural stress relief, and stress relief programs are offered, and many patients have experienced a reduction in stress through working with our Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach.

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Using Zone Technique to Reduce Stress and Provide Physical Healing

Zone Technique

The Zone Technique is a brain balancing technique that taps into the brain’s power to heal the body. There are six zones that represent a brain center and its communication pathway to functions of the body and the associated cells. Every single cell in the body and every single function of the body can be affected by one of these six zones.

When these zones are balanced, the body’s natural ability to heal is manifested. The communication from the brain to the body becomes unrestrained. The neurological signaling can send proper signals to all cells in the body improving the functions of the body. In other words, the interference that seems to be blocking the body’s ability to heal is taken away – then the body can heal what needs healing.

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